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11 November 2021 @ 11:11 am
04 July 2012 @ 01:48 am

So, at work today, a group of cousins came in to do pictures. 

There was a pair of older boys in their early 20s and teens. A couple of younger boys one 10 and another who was around 6 or so. There was also two girls who were I'd guess about 21 and then about 18, but I'm not quite certain, I just know that the older one was younger then me but far removed from high school, and one just got done with all the prom and graduation things. There was also a 1 year old baby man.

The 18 year old girl, 6 year old and the 1 year old were siblings, and the rest were all simply just cousins who were brought in by their grandmother. None of the parents were present. In retrospect, I'm glad there weren't because more then likely, people would have gotten punched or something. 

As I was doing the pictures, and asked if they wanted a sibling breakdown picture or any other special group shots, the oldest of the girls turns and says "Yes, I want a shot with just the black kids".

Now, let me be clear here. All of them were were African American. I wound up blinking around the room as did pretty much everyone else who in the hell I was supposed to mark as "Not Black Enough" to be excluded from such a picture. After a moment I wound up staring at the 21 year old, and saying "I don't understand..."

And she pointed at the group that just got done taking a sibling picture. "Them. They got lightskin blood."  I turned around and looked at the grandmother for help and in horror for her to tell the monster 21 year old  no but she was pretty much nodding in agreement and gesturing for the siblings to get off the backdrop. I couldn't really not do what the grandmother wanted, but holy shit, I felt horrible.

Is this really an accepted fucking thing?

The 5 year old had lighter hair and skin then the others, but only just slightly so compared to his 10 year old cousin who was considered dark enough. His sister looked very similar to his cousins though she had lighter hair, and who knows if that was the result of hair dye. His baby brother was just as dark in skin tone to the cousin who made the statement. 

And as the sister ushered her brothers off the backdrop, the 5 year old burst into tears.  Because he was being excluded, because he didn't look right. Or because he was lighter skinned or because they're biracial. Or whatever. 

He was crushed that his own family doesn't think the way he looks is good enough within the standards of skin color. It's bad enough that a kid has to go through standards of worrying about if they are dressed right, are talking right, into the right things. But then people of color have to deal with race issues. I mean how fucked up is it that his family is telling a kid that not only is the color of their skin a concern but that his skin isn't exactly the right shade of that color too? Really?!

Ugh, if I could have gotten away with pushing over that girl I really would have. I'm actually shocked the sister of the little boy didn't hit her. It's no wonder the baby brother cried the entire sitting with how mad everyone was at the 21 year old.

All I could do was my best to make her look horrible in every picture, and praise the hell out of that little kid the entire time. 

I'm not even locking this post. This whole thing just made me so sad. :(

03 February 2012 @ 05:46 pm

So, as many of you may have heard, the Susan G. Komen foundation has pulled support this week from Planned Parenthood. 

The reason for it, is well, a lot of political pooh-poo. Basically, Komen states that Planned Parenthood was under investigation with Congress.  (It's being investigated for things like financial disparity and are the tax dollars being spent on abortions. It's basically a bunch of crap, But, it's a wait and see what happens thing, as it's a pretty big attack on women's health.) 

Now, I've been a poor college age girl who's benefited many times from Planned Parenthood. Hell, even when I lived under my parent's roof, I secretly benefited from Planned Parenthood here and there, and I've sent my younger brother there, telling him that he can have the talk with the people there that he wishes he could have with my parents, getting proper answers on any questions he might have. 

There's also the fact that I've organized a huge benifit for Susan G. Komen for the last two years. iamleaper and I on top of many others on my my friends list, donated money, time, word of mouth, and we encouraged people to donate. Not just a few. Last year it was 500 people.  Last year alone I encouraged the 500 people present, not to mention the people who saw the posts, the resulting press, and the people who meant to go but didn't, to support the Susan G. Komen foundation.  To say that I'm mad, is the tip of the iceburg. I am actually so enraged that this is the first time I am cohesively talking about this.

So, let's talk about Komen, and exactly what it's CEO and friends like Vice President Karen Handel (former attempted Georgia Governor) had to say about the entire thing:

Concern one and the "excuse" was that Planned Parenthood was under investigation. Funnily enough, they're donating still to Penn State. Oh, yeah, that Penn State. They're also still good buddies with Bank of America, who is also still under investigation with congress. 

However, they pulled all donations from stem cell research. You know, that thing that may lead to amazing medical discoveries eventually? Might cure cancer or other horrible diseases?  No thanks they said! (What happened to "For a cure?") They quietly dropped that in November of 2011. But! They're still pumping out the Pink products, and they still stand by the fact that the KFC bucket was okay, even though eating fatty foods can lead to cancer, not to mention obesity and other health risks.

Or, there's the Woman herself who got Planned Parenthood defunded. She was quoted as saying  “As a breast cancer survivor, I was always troubled with this whole idea that the nation’s largest abortion provider was enmeshed in the breast cancer fight when they weren’t actually doing mammograms. I look at this as smart stewardship.”

First off, let's talk about those non-exsistant mamograms. While some Planned Parenthoods cannot provide them due to space or licensing in their state, many more provide them. Texas for example, has many locations that do. In fact, they've preformed over, oh, 700,000 mammograms last year. Even if they have a location that cannot provide one, they refer the woman to another nearby location or doctor who can, and then help pay for it if she can't afford it. They also provide in house breast care health information  and exams that can lead to catching breast cancer early especially in young women who would normally never get a mammogram. Yeah, no big deal.

And yes. Every Planned Parenthood provides abortion referral services, and some do preform abortions. Let me tell you something else. If you don't go see planned parenthood for your women's care, your OBGYN has also more then likely preformed several abortions or given referrals for them. Sometimes for medical reasons, I'm sure. But sometimes that's why women end up at Planned Parenthood to do it.  Go ahead conservatives and pro-lifers. Feel high and mighty now.  You've still given money to a "Abortion provider" 

There's also just the fact that she calls defunding the breast screenings at Planned Parenthood "her biggest victory." Or there's this gem from her twitter before she deleted this:

I will say that this was at the Komen Corp level, I was happy to hear that Komen of Connecticut was unhappy about the choice, and had some love for their local Planned Parenthood organization and wanted to get back to donating to them. 

Today Komen pulled back on the decision to end funding. Saying that the would renew the funding for Planned Parenthood. Which was a huge victory across the net for a lot of people. You know, those who didn't stop to read the fine print. Turns out they're renewing it for this year. It's mostly just a PR screen. Really, what they meant was:

“We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities."

Meaning that, they only gave the ability to re-apply for the grant. There's no real promise of the applications going through anymore. 

Which leaves me at the point of taking a yearly fundraiser, and having to decide how to properly rebuild. Without Susan G. Komen Foundation. I'm glad that they pulled this fuckery now, but I also know that they did it in hopes that people would be distracted or forget so that they wouldn't notice when October rolled around and they'd still get donations. They're somehow still ranked as a four star charity on Charity Navigator. Ignoring the fact that they have a ridiculously high overhead, all of the above mentioned stunts and that, well, while fundraising for them, it wasn't exactly easy to work with them. The website was difficult to navigate, and the support for Team Captains was...Well, let's just say that saying that it was lacking would insinuate that was there in the first place.

iamleape and I will be looking for a new organization. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. I got some great ones from ONTD__P. As it stands, prior to the run last year, we looked at another organization because it's entire stance was donating mammograms to at risk women, but we couldn't get organized with them in time for the run. This year, Komen can go shove it up their spoiled privileged rears.  I'll be taking my donation dollars far and away from them. 

Planned Parenthood is receiving some great donations, (even Mayor Bloomburg donated a dollar for dollar amount and considering how poorly he handled OWS, I'm impressed.) and it will help them make up for any shortfalls they run into now, or when their grants go away again in the near future. Or if the feds revoke any kind of funding somewhere. You can also buy ebooks from Alma Alexazder  or John Scalzi  and the funds are being donated to Planned Parenthood.
So, I noticed a weird thing about google+'s find and invite area. Mostly it's suggestions area.

Firstly, not everyone has a suggestion box. I have one, my boyfriend doesn't. In the suggestion area, it sometimes suggests my friend Nathan, who plays a mage in WoW with me, who I love dearly and talk to often in WoW and out of it and we use google talk to chat a lot. When I was still on Scarlet Crusade, I emailed him often because of guild stuff. He's a sensible person for me to have suggested by Google. Cool beans.

Sometimes though, it tells me to be friends with this girl named Carly. Now, I don't know Carly but, I'll get into why that's important and weird a second.

Then if you show all of my suggestions. It does a weird thing. When I show all of my suggestions, it shows all of my boyfriend's friends who I have not yet added first, in a row, before anyone else, no matter if I remove him as a friend, change his priority in my circles, move him around....I've tried everything to see what suddenly made them appear. No dice, they're here to stay, Google+ Says I should be friends. This would make sense, IF there was a way to show who you were in a relationship with. I've even tried changing my relationship status.

Oh, hey, it includes Carly! Now, let me be clear. These are my boyfriends friends. He does not email these people often. Or talk to them online often. And when I have been out there, I never met them. I do not even know these people. Online, or offline. It even prioritized autumnbound immediately after them.

I can only think of two things to cause this to occur. A: John's the person I talk to most often on Google talk (Which is kind of creepy, let me just say. But I guess it makes sense.) or there's B: John and I have two mutual friends. Dani and then Lauren, who is also more than likely being plauged with a few similar suggestions to my own such as Nathan. 
(Weirdly, when I added lifeofmendel  he was actually half way down the page!  Buried about 150 people in. All of his friends are also pretty far buried, and therefore anyone I might know from high school are also pretty well buried.)
Weirdly, I'm not getting any of his male friends in my actual suggestion box. Sure, I get them as suggestions when I see all. But I get his only female friend  I have not yet added as well as a person I should add RIGHT NOW. It's clearly like a "She's a girl, she's a girl, they both know this one person they should be friends, yes?" sort of thing. 0_o
I think the worst thing about the suggestion box, is you can't be like "This is a bad suggestion, I don't know these people". There's no X to get rid of them. You can only block the person. What if I move there and meet them, and I've blocked them on google and google is the new facebook? Awkward. If I go around blocking every suggestion I don't like right this second, just because they're someone I don't want to be friends with, that's a terrible idea. I really hope they fix it soon. 

Edit: I tried removing a few people from circles and moving them around and then putting them back, and that actually seemed to fix it. For now. How weird though. It lasted for several days. Maybe autumnbound was the fix I needed to my list.
26 August 2009 @ 09:28 pm
"I had gone so far out on a limb with my feelings, that I didn't realize I was standing there alone."
- Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City